Presentations and Trainings

As an educator, my areas of expertise lie in using popular culture to teach social justice issues. In our current moment, popular culture is a shared language to bridge our differences.  From privilege, gender, and sexuality to vampires, witches, ghosts, and superheroes, I create engaged lectures or capacity building workshops.  Additionally, I have long-term experience in bystander intervention, sex education, and sexual violence prevention.

Some examples of programs I have done are:

  • “Transmitting Trauma: Vampires, Intergenerational Trauma, and Creating Systems of Support,” Curry College, November 2019.
  • “Gender Justice in the Workplace: Communication, Supervision, and Equity,” ACUI, November 2019.
  • “Catalysts, Femme Fatales, and Heroes, or a History of Women Superhero Films,” San Francisco State University, March 2019.
  • “My Monster Significant Other: Why We Want to Date Monsters,” Indiana State University, October 2018.
  • “Horror Films as Social Commentary,” Women in Horror Month and Indiana State University, February 2018.
  • “What Is Feminist Horror,” Women in Horror Month and Indiana State University, February 2017.
  • “Visions of Vampires: From Dirty to Debonair in about 200 Years,” Washington State Community College, March 2013.
  • “Modern Vampires, Modern Audiences,” Columbus BalletMet Pre-ballet Lecture: Dracula, October 2008.

If you would like to see a presentation, you can check out the live stream of “Horror Films as Social Commentary” from 2017 here.

Additionally, I am able and willing to create a tailored and specific presentation or training on a wide variety of social justice, trauma-informed, sex education, and/or popular culture topics. Please contact me to talk about options.